Good maintenance is important. For the value of a building, but also for the safety and health of residents or users. We do various kinds of maintenance work to ensure that your real estate will always be in perfect condition.

Real estate manager, investor, housing association or apartment owners’ association

Are you a real estate manager or investor? Are you part of a housing association or an apartment owners’ association? We are available for all regular maintenance work on various types of buildings and premises.

Inspection and advice

Are you not sure what needs to be done? And do you want to be certain that your houses or buildings retain their value and remain safe? We will do an inspection of your site. You will then receive advice from us in which we will explain what maintenance work is needed immediately and/or later.

Regular maintenance

Are locks broken? Is there wood rot in doors and frames? Are there leaks in your windows, roof, basement or bathroom? Are your lights not working? Did the heating system break down? Plagued by short circuiting? Do you need your walls smoothed or painted?
If anything is broken in or around the house, we have the skills to do repairs quickly and professionally. Of course, good preventive maintenance ensures that you prevent problems.

Maintenance work we do includes:

  • Painting and stucco
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Lighting (both interior and exterior)
  • Locksmith work
  • Various kinds of installation work and maintenance of central heating boilers
  • Roofing
  • Electrical work
  • Maintenance on kitchen and bathroom

Malfunctions and calamities

Of course, the basic principle is that good maintenance will prevent any calamities. Nevertheless, practice shows that in exceptional situations, quick help may be needed to solve a malfunction. At times like that you can count on us. Our experienced employees are ready for you day and night. Are you a caretaker, supervisor, janitor, manager or property owner?  You can call our calamity number: 010-495.14.28. It goes without saying that we have all the necessary materials with us, including during evening or night shifts. We do not only solve the problem temporarily; we also look ahead to the final repair at that time and anticipate this.

Change Maintenance

For properties that become vacant (e.g., after clearing out), we perform change maintenance according to your guidelines and policies. We understand that this often has to be done under time pressure. We identify any defects quickly and solve them. As a result, the property is vacant for a shorter period of time and this results in less loss of rent. Often, we limit it to just one working day! If you wish, we will work with a standard change of address checklist. Are drastic maintenance activities necessary? Then you will hear about it in time. This way we avoid surprises.


Our maintenance workers love their jobs. They always go to work with a smile. We employ carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians, tile setters, installers, plasterers, masons and other tradesmen who have earned their stripes in construction.

As little inconvenience as possible

We understand that you want to maintain a good relationship with the people living near your premises. That is why we do everything we can to cause as little inconvenience as possible during our work. For example, by taping over and covering as much of the area as possible. We also schedule work that could cause noise nuisance to be done at the best possible time during the day. Our team is flexible!

Request quote

Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to perform our work efficiently like no other.
We guarantee an optimal price/quality ratio. Ask for an obligation- free quote now.


Maasstad Totaalonderhoud BV is a dynamic maintenance company. You will find all services under one roof. And that is unique in the Netherlands. Our customers are satisfied, because we provide high quality and excellent service. And our employees always do their work with a smile. Are you a property manager or investor? Do you work for a housing association or apartment owners’ association? Do you own one or more (office) buildings, hospitality establishments or other (commercial) buildings? Then we would be happy to help you with your maintenance, renovation or cleaning. Do you regularly have to deal with clearing out premises, as a bailiff, investor or financial institution? We would also like to be of service to you. All services under one roof!


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