Handyman and caretaker

Sometimes there are all kinds of chores to be done that you don’t have time for. Or that you are not good at. Our handyman is the solution! He is mobile and can come over to lend a hand with small and technical jobs.

  • Replace broken lights
  • Do repairs and fix minor malfunctions
  • Hang paintings
  • Arrange minor moves
  • Clean up a warehouse
  • Remove old furniture and equipment
  • Heavy lifting
  • Solving bathroom problems
  • Washing cars
  • Combat slipperiness and shovel snow

Would you like to have your own employee who is there to take care of day-to-day jobs so that your business will run smoothly? You can hire a caretaker through us. We will create a task package with you. In addition to the aforementioned tasks, there is also:

  • Supervising external installers
  • Repro and post activities
  • Topping up photocopy machines and printers
  • Meeting service
  • Managing maintenance contracts
  • Removing (separated) waste
  • Cleaning and topping up coffeemakers
  • aning and organising the pantry
  • Managing keys
  • Taking care of plants
  • Sweeping parking lot or garage
  • Manage supply of, for example, office or bathroom supplies

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Maasstad Totaalonderhoud BV is a dynamic maintenance company. You will find all services under one roof. And that is unique in the Netherlands. Our customers are satisfied, because we provide high quality and excellent service. And our employees always do their work with a smile. Are you a property manager or investor? Do you work for a housing association or apartment owners’ association? Do you own one or more (office) buildings, hospitality establishments or other (commercial) buildings? Then we would be happy to help you with your maintenance, renovation or cleaning. Do you regularly have to deal with clearing out premises, as a bailiff, investor or financial institution? We would also like to be of service to you. All services under one roof!


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