Office cleaning

Nothing feels better than to work in a clean office. No dust on your monitors. No dirty footprints on the floor. Fresh bathroom areas. Crystal-clear windows and a shining reception area where you can welcome your clients and associates with pride. That is what you want, isn’t it? The changing use of offices and increasing demand from a service-oriented work climate requires more flexibility and hospitality of the maintenance worker. You can rely on our people for that!

With a smile

It doesn’t matter if your office is big or small, new or old, low rise or tall, far away in an industrial zone or in the heart of the city, we have experience with all kinds of different building and work for various clients in diverse sectors. We get everything perfectly clean, and we do it with a smile. Because our workers enjoy their work. They are well-trained, speak Dutch and work with clear instructions.


Outside business hours, or if you prefer, while you are present. We always ensure that your day-to-day activities will not be compromised by our work.

Clean experience

We don’t only do technical cleaning work. We also take into account the experience your employee or visitor will have. A bathroom may be hygienically and technically clean, but if it doesn’t smell fresh, or if it looks cluttered, the user will think it is not clean. Fastening a loose toilet seat and adding some fresh scent can do wonders!

Schools and cleaning

A clean school is important. Not only because students can learn and play better there, but also for their health. Classrooms are used intensively. Everyone knows that children sometimes carry viruses and are not always tidy in the bathroom. And sometimes they create clouds of dust while they play. Our work is geared to reduce bacteria and dust particles, so that students and teachers are in a pleasant environment and parents can bring their children to school with confidence.

Cleaning schedule

We always work with a cleaning schedule. The schedule tells us when, how often and what rooms we are cleaning. In consultation with you, we determine what you will do yourself and what we will do for you. For example, you could choose to put the chairs on top of the tables with your students, empty the waste baskets and put teaching materials and students’ work away. Then we can do what we are so good at: cleaning! We work at educational institutions within primary as well as secondary education.

Cleaning shops

Are you familiar with this? You walk into a cluttered shop and feel like turning around and walking out again. That is not so strange. People feel better in a clean shop. They experience higher quality. That makes them come back more often and buy more. Our skilful and enthusiastic cleaners know what your customers want. They will make sure that your shop or showroom always has a clean appearance. The result: your customers always enjoy coming in and they come back again!

Cleaning hotels, restaurants and cafes

If there is anything that is specialised, it is cleaning a hospitality facility. Drinks spilled on the floor, sticky bar stools, food remnants here and there. Partying guests make the biggest mess possible. Often late at night. And the next day, everything has to be spick and span again. That requires a unique working method and flexible work hours. Our cleaners are not afraid of a challenge and do their work when it is most convenient for you. We provide custom work and will set up a schedule with you to get your business ready for another great night.

Specialised cleaning

Some surfaces require specialised cleaning. Façades, for example. They are constantly exposed to weather conditions. Floors (wood, linoleum, carpet or tiles) are used intensively and therefore also require a good maintenance plan that is suitable for the material. And in a restaurant kitchen, daily meals are prepared.
Bathrooms also require an appropriate approach. Daily simple maintenance is not enough to include hard to reach places underneath ridges and edges. Organic and inorganic soiling (skin grease, urine salts and lime build up after a while. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria. With stink, malfunction and clogging as the result. Not very nice and fresh! Deep-cleaning is necessary to prevent this. After a renovation or new construction, a building often needs a one-time extra thorough cleaning.
You can come to us for all these types of work:

  • Façade cleaning
  • Floor maintenance and floor cleaning
  • Deep-cleaning kitchen and bathrooms
  • Construction cleaning

Washing windows

Your building is your business card. Your customers, employees and other visitors feel more comfortable in a tidy environment. Clean windows are always the first to stand out. From the outside, but also from the inside. Our window cleaners will get all your windows and other glass work spotlessly clean. Both exterior and interior windows and separation glass. Glass doors and walls too, of course.

Window-washing schedule

For best results, we always make a window-washing schedule after a chimney has been inspected. This tells us how often, when and what types of windows we will wash. This way you will never be surprised. We also look at what materials we need. For example, ladders, cherry pickers or other climbing equipment to be able to wash glass at height. Are there places that are difficult to reach? We have a telescopic handle for that, for example.

Safety and environment

During our work, safety and the environment are paramount. We work in compliance with the regulations for working safely at heights and the Façade Maintenance Covenant. A risk assessment (RA) is always part of our window cleaning plan. And of course, our certified employees always work in compliance with occupational health and safety regulations and with approved materials to ensure the safe completion of your job.

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